Aislamientos y Calorifugados Criptana
Aislamientos and Calorifugados Criptana, is a company which is specialized in design, manufacture and assembly of air conditioning systems, ventilation and industrial extraction. Our experience has led our company to become competitive in innovation, technology, quality and service.

Aislamientos and Calorifugados Criptana is nowadays a company which is able to satisfy your need at a highest level.

We provide and assemble plate leads, both rectangular as well as spiral, terminal and diffusion elements, heat and acoustic insulting and heat leaving tubes. We cover a commercial area both at a national and international level, and our main customers are industries, hospitals, hotel business, offices, trades, trades hotels, residences…

Our installations, which are integrated by authentic professionals and qualified employees who assure a high level of advice and execution, offer an optimum warranty of service and quality work.


Commitment and Quality


& High Quality of Service

Quality Commitment


Our objective is to fulfill the commitment to quality, delivery time and customer needs.
Our desire to offer quality and service requires us to have the latest technology in machinery for the manufacture of conduits.

High Technology